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Global Input App

4.0 ( 6400 ratings )
Économie et entreprise Utilitaires
Développeur Iterative Solution Limited

The Global Input app is a universal device input app. It allows you to perform operations on services and websites that are running on computers, Smart TV and other devices via your mobile phone by pointing your phone camera to the QR code displayed. You can also use it as a general purpose Password Manager and Sign In Device using your smart mobile. Your data are exclusively stored in your mobile, but you can easily backup the encrypted data and restore it to another phone. The app allows you to operate on the devices and services around you using the single app. For example, you can sign in to an app running on your smart TV, and you can control other devices all using the same app. The app is mainly designed for business applications, but it can also be used as a general purpose Sign In Device with the help of Browser extension even if the services and software do not support Global Input Software yet. You can also use the app to encrypt your passwords/messages and print them on paper. The passwords/messages are only visible to your phone.